Makeup Artist


15 Ashley facts:

 15 Ashley facts:

 1. Her favorite color is leopard print. 

 2. She loves doing makeup!                                                                                           

3. Yes, she would very much like to see photos of your pets.                               

4. She is a bit of a cheese snob.                                                                                   

5. Ashley also offers private makeup lessons.                                                         

6. She adores Shakespeare.                                                                                         

7. She doesn't leave the house without sun block on.                                             

8. She has won awards for her comedy writing.                                                     

9. Ashley grew up in the beauty industry.                                                               

10. She likes to researches history for fun.                                                           

11. She is great at makeup!                                                                                       

12. She has a B.A. in film from Columbia College Chicago.                                 

13. Infatuated with all things science fiction.                                                       

14. She loves a good hug.                                                                                           

15. Ashley would love to do makeup for you!


Partial list of celebrities Ashley has done makeup on:

Chance The Rapper, Mavis Staples, Hoda Kotb, Barbara Corcoran, Carrie Coon, Rahm Emanuel, Richard M Daley, Lupe Fiasco, Kid Sister, Jason Silva, Umphrey's McGee, Graham Elliot, Rick Bayless


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